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World Leaders in Industrial Symbiosis - the Circular Economy in Action

Industrial Symbiosis is the practice of bringing together companies from different sectors to identify business opportunities that keep resources in the economy in a perpetual productive cycle that avoids waste - in other words, the Circular Economy in action. 

We have extensive expertise in applying proven industrial symbiosis methodology, tools and techniques to support both the private and public sector to:

  • Improve competitiveness;
  • Increase resource productivity;
  • Accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

Since 2005 we have built an international reputation and robust evidence base to show that Industrial Symbiosis delivers economic growth and job creation whilst reducing pollution and raw material use. 

Our work has directly influenced policy at local, national and international level.  Most recently the European Commission called for Europe-wide implementation of industrial symbiosis networks, modelled on our award winning programme, NISP (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme) which it acknowledges as 'an innovative means to achieve resource efficiency' in its flagship 2020 initiative, 'Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.'

Based on our experience working across five continents since 2005 we provide the tools and  expertise for public authorities who want to establish funded industrial symbiosis platforms in their regions.  

Equally we consult with private sector businesses to help them apply the principles of industrial symbiosis to improve their commercial competitiveness, reduce costs and become more sustainable in the long term. 

Latest News

21 January 2015

Industrial Symbiosis Continues to Gather Pace in South Africa

South Africa Embracing Industrial Symbiosis Following a successful pilot industrial symbiosis project in the Western Cape (WISP delivered by GreenCape), the...

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05 November 2014

Timely Reminder of Role of Industrial Symbiosis in Tackling Climate Change

Timely Reminder that Industrial Symbiosis is an Effective Means of Reducing Emissions The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel...

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Latest Blog

17 November 2014

Realising the Potential for Industrial Symbiosis within the Construction Sector

Realising the Potential for Industrial Symbiosis in the Construction Industry The Construction Resources Initiatives Council plays host to its Interaction Summit this week and I am delighted to join them as International...

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In October 2014 International Synergies providing an update on the progress of the Industrial Symbiosis PPP track it led at last year's Global Green Growth Forum.  For summary click above.

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