International Synergies is the world's leading expert in industrial symbiosis and the circular economy with over ten years' experience applying its expertise and proven methodology, tools and techniques to support the implementation of industrial symbiosis projects and programmes at regional, national and international level in over 21 countries world-wide.  

What is Industrial Symbiosis?

Instead of being disposed of, waste streams and other under-utilised resources generated by industrial processes are redirected and reused by other companies within a network, typically from different sectors, providing a mutual benefit (or symbiosis).  

In short - Industrial Symbiosis keeps resources circulating in the economy in a perpetual productive cycle that avoids waste - Circular Economy in action.

International Synergies facilitated network model of industrial symbiosis (NISP) is proven to generate wide-scale economic, environmental and social benefits while providing an exceptional return for public or private investment.  Industrial Symbiosis is widely scalable and requires no international agreements.  

International Synergies introduced NISP (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme) to the UK in 2003 where it operated in three regions. In 2005, with investment from the Government, NISP became a nation-wide programme.  Within seven years NISP's network comprised of 15,000 companies. Opportunities identified and facilitated by NISP collectively generated £1 billion in sales and cost reductions of £1.1 billion for participating companies. It reduced carbon emissions by 39 million tonnes, diverted 45 million tonnes of material from landfill, and saved/created over 10,000 jobs.*  

Part of NISP’s innovation is applying a systems approach, addressing material ‘waste’, energy, water, logistics, capacity, expertise – any assets that are being under-utilised. NISP creates opportunities for deploying additional tools including eco-design and cleaner production. 

Having proven the approach, in 2007 the company began exporting the model providing capacity building expertise, in-country support and training, and other tools (including a proprietary resource data management and analysis platform called SYNERGie® developed with input from experienced industrial symbiosis practitioners).  The company has supported the implementation of projects in Brazil, China and Mexico, across Europe and most recently in South Africa and Canada.  

*All NISP achievements are independently verified. 

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16 July 2015

International Synergies Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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International Synergies led the Industrial Symbiosis PPP track at the Global Green Growth Forum meeting in Nairobi in May 2015.  For more information click below:

International Synergies is proud to be a member of the GLOBE 2016 organising committee:

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