CEN Workshop Agreement on Industrial Symbiosis European Pre-standard

As industrial symbiosis finds its way into the policies, reports and recommendations of the European Commission across multiple DGs and various member states at the national, regional and local scale, the variety of terminologies and methodologies used in these documents can be confusing and sometimes misleading.

In partnership with sben – Workshop topic on Going Round in Circles With Your Waste

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Staffordshire Business Environment Network, hosting a workshop focusing on what is the Circular Economy and what opportunities does this present for local businesses. Hilary Hampton, of Veolia  will share workings of state of the art Energy Recovery Facilities and Ian Humphreys, International Synergies will introduce a practical toolkit called industrial symbiosis.

NISP Canada January 2018

In collaboration with Light House Sustainable Building Centre, we are once again facilitating in our Industrial Symbiosis methodology,  and creating specialised matching analysis reports, during these one day workshops. These circular economy-based events are FREE to attend.  This event is part of the ongoing Canadian pilot of a National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP), aimed

Circular Economy, Industrial Symbiosis event Slovenia

On the 21st-22nd November the Slovenian Government (a partner in Interreg project SYMBI) will be hosting an industrial symbiosis conference and workshop. Industrial Symbiosis Limited our not for profit business, will give the welcome address alongside the host, a Slovenian Minister.