SHAREBOX update: SYNERGie® 2.0 is coming soon

The Horizon 2020 project SHAREBOX, is designed to develop and bring to market a secure platform for the flexible management of shared information related to process resources with intelligent decision support tools. At the heart of the SHAREBOX platform is International Synergies’ world-leading SYNERGie® software platform. The software offers database, project management, and reporting functionality

International Synergies assists Wuhan in integrating Industrial Symbiosis in their strategic Urban Development plans

International Synergies (ISL) kicked off the New year with some interesting projects. Ian Humphrey, Director of Operations at ISL, visited Wuhan, China for the 2nd time from the 9th-13th of January. International Synergies is part of the “Driving the low carbon transition through cross-industry waste utilization in infrastructure delivery in Wuhan, Hubei” project which is

International Synergies presented with the “Sustainability Product Innovation: Resources” award

Since 2007, specialist sustainability publishing house Faversham House have organised the Sustainability Leaders awards. The awards aim to reward organisations embedding sustainability in their operations, business models and products; the winners ought to be the vanguard of sustainability, driving demonstrable results through innovation, engagement, and a commitment to doing business better. The Sustainability Product

TRIS project presented on a global stage

The TRIS project was presented to the G7 members by Dr. Lee Davies, a representative from the UK government and the Head of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Strategy under the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The TRIS project was well received at the workshop as a prime example of regions coming together