TRIS project presented on a global stage

The TRIS project was presented to the G7 members by Dr. Lee Davies, a representative from the UK government and the Head of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Strategy under the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The TRIS project was well received at the workshop as a prime example of regions coming together

A National Industrial Strategy supported by industrial symbiosis – by Peter Laybourn

Developing an industrial strategy is one of Theresa May’s key economic reforms.  The Government has recognised the need for an industrial strategy to foster competitive advantage on a national scale by focusing on long-term productivity growth, and encouraging innovation. Industrial symbiosis has proven to deliver positive impacts on these agendas at a national and local

South Africa

Industrial symbiosis in South Africa is gaining further traction and profile with a recent article in Engineering News South Africa. International Synergies has been supporting the National Cleaner Production Centre to deliver facilitated industrial symbiosis in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal since 2014, building on success in Western Cape Province.  Our South African partners have engaged with

Regional Economic Development through Intelligence Based Industrial Symbiosis

International Synergies is delighted to share the latest development in its application of Regional Economic Development through Intelligence Based Industrial Symbiosis – or RED IBIS for short – a methodology for strategic economic development based on an area’s resource strengths and material supply risks and opportunities. International Synergies pioneered the methodology in Birmingham in 2012