Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy in Fertilizers

Every year, millions of tons of valuable by-products are used by our sector as raw materials for making high quality finished mineral fertilizers. This event will bring together industry experts, EU legislators and national authorities for presentations of case studies on practical uses of by-products. The participants will have the opportunity for a creative exchange-of-views

Internal Project M30 – Sharebox Project Management Event

The Horizon 2020-funded SHAREBOX project is designed to develop and bring to market a secure platform for the flexible management of shared process resources with intelligent decision support tools. The next consortium meeting has been scheduled for 27th and 28th February in Birmingham. The meeting will be an opportunity for all project partners to discuss work package

CEN Workshop Agreement on Industrial Symbiosis European Pre-standard

CEN/WS ‘Industrial Symbiosis’ As industrial symbiosis finds its way into the policies, reports and recommendations of the European Commission across multiple DGs and various member states at the national, regional and local scale, the variety of terminologies and methodologies used in these documents can be confusing and sometimes misleading. Such confusion dilutes the power of

In partnership with sben – Workshop topic on Going Round in Circles With Your Waste

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Staffordshire Business Environment Network, hosting a workshop focusing on Circular Economy and the opportunities for local businesses. Hilary Hampton, of Veolia  will share workings of state of the art Energy Recovery Facilities and Ian Humphreys, International Synergies will introduce our award winning methodology, assisting businesses to turn their wastes into a