Circular Synergies: Challenges for Portugal Report

In Portugal, 1 million tons of waste are currently disposed of annually (2015). Although this figure may be an underestimate, if it was managed through industrial symbiosis, an environmental benefit of an estimated reduction of around 5.5 million tons of domestic raw material extraction might be achieved. Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive of International Synergies Ltd is

Our Make Waste Work for You Workshop Was a Great Success

We are pleased to announce that our unique “business opportunity” workshop that took place on 12th July 2018 in partnership with Enterprise Europe Network, produced some significant results. Our aim of these workshops is to bring business representatives from diverse sectors together to share knowledge and expertise.  The workshops also provide a platform for our

Demonstrating Industrial Symbiosis in Action

Courtesy of Metro Vancouver, an excellent video illustrating our NISP methodology, creating symbiotic relationships between businesses and promoting circular economy thinking.  If you are interested in applying this methodology to your business, please contact our head office on 0121 433 2660 or email       

DG Grow Final Report

The comprehensive Industrial Symbiosis study that Trinomics, together with Technopolis (project manager), UCL (technical lead) and International Synergies carried out and has been published by the Commission. A recent DG GROW report concludes that policy intervention in industrial symbiosis (including financing mechanisms such as direct investment) is justified on the basis of market and system