Plastika Reparabilis Challenge – NISP Canada acting as moderators

The Plastika Reparabilis Challenge is a 2-year global crowdfunding competition from 2018-2020 with a 30 million currency prize to build functioning and valuable plastic waste elimination and plastic re-utilisation ecosystems, and to replicate those ecosystems all over the world. NISP Canada will work with innovators throughout the challenge as Juror and Moderator asking questions about

Federal Funding of NISP Announced at the 2018 Globe Forum

At last month’s Globe Forum in Vancouver, the Government of Canada officially announced its funding of the Canadian pilot of a National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP Canada).  Vancouver’s Light House Sustainable Building Centre is directing this initiative.

Exhibiting our BASIS Project with Midland Expo

We we’re delighted with the interest received at our stand (78) at The Midlands Expo, that took place on 24th April at Aston Villa FC.  Our BASIS Resource Efficiency Project aims to identify business by-products, wastes and other under-utilised resources that are useful to others. Waste costs money and new waste reduction methods provide economic and environmental benefits,

Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships

A high-level meeting took place in Geneva on 26th and 27th March with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Discussing – “Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable Consumption and Production”. The circular economy transition requires innovation and innovative business practices overall – in design, production, delivery models, and life cycle management. Policy makers, entrepreneurs and innovators need continuous,