Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships

A high-level meeting took place in Geneva on 26th and 27th March with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Discussing –

“Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable Consumption and Production”.

The circular economy transition requires innovation and innovative business practices overall – in design, production, delivery models, and life cycle management. Policy makers, entrepreneurs and innovators need continuous, multi-level dialogue to understand these opportunities, remove bottlenecks, and ensure that incentives are fit for purpose. Based on case studies from across the ECE region, this session presents successful examples on innovation and innovative partnerships for a circular economy and it draws conclusions on best practices.

Examples included a presentation from Councillor Lisa Trickett of Birmingham City Council discussing how Industrial Symbiosis Birmingham is one of the first cities to adopt a pro-active industrial symbiosis approach to develop a medium and long-term strategy for sustainable economic development.

Birmingham City Council commissioned International Synergies to undertake an analysis of infrastructure and resource flows in TEEZ applying industrial symbiosis methodology to devise a short, medium and long-term plan for economic regeneration. An executive summary is available here and please contact us on 0121 433 2660, to find out how we are impacting Circular Economy and influencing policies and practices.