Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services ensure businesses improve profit, cut costs and reduce risks around material supply using industrial symbiosis methods and tools.  Our approach enables businesses to reduce spending on disposal, storage and transport and generate new revenue by transforming under-utilised or undervalued resources – including water, energy, materials and assets – into tradeable, commercial products.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of industrial processes and manufacturing techniques, combined with an understanding of the latest processing technologies and innovations.  We can identify immediate, medium and long term business opportunities for companies; bringing together producers and users of waste resources with innovators, the research community and entrepreneurs and keeping resources in productive use for as long as possible.  Our services include:

Investigation & Analysis

Feedstock Availability: Analysis of the availability of feedstock and output market opportunities to inform investment decisions on the viability of processing facilities, using data from our proprietary on-line platform SYNERGie and other datasets.

Materials Management

Synergy Facilitation Services: identification of opportunities to recover and reuse underused/wasted resource streams and development of implementation plan

Industrial Symbiosis Audit: comprehensive audit of materials and other company resource flows including inputs, outputs, and internal material management practices in order to identify and assess industrial symbiosis opportunities.


Circular Economy: thorough assessment of commercial activities to identify strategic adoption of industrial symbiosis methodology and tools in order to leverage circular economy outcomes and improved resource efficiency.  Includes the development of objectives, implementation plan and key benchmarks for reporting purposes.

For more information about the above services or to discuss your company’s specific requirements please call ++44 121 433 2660 or email