NISP Canada April 2018 – Supporting Circular Economy

In collaboration with Light House Sustainable Building Centre, we are once again facilitating in our Industrial Symbiosis methodology,  and creating specialised matching analysis reports, during these one day workshops on 11th and 18th April.

The workshops aim to:-

  • Help participants reduce waste management costs
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Increase the size and diversity of the participants business networks
  • Identify means of improving environmental performance
  • Expand the regional circular economy

The workshops welcome small, medium and large enterprises from any sector. In particular, the program benefits businesses with tangible resource flows (such as, but not limited to, manufacturing, farming, energy generation, construction, demolition, food, logistics and more).

During the workshops there is an opportunity to share idea generation and resource matching. The participants will provide their respective resource Have and Wants, and subsequently have a chance to review the resources with other members attending the workshop. Within a week of the conclusion of the workshop, participants receive three reports:

  1. A 1-page summary of the workshop highlights 
  2. The contact information for all the other participants 
  3. A detailed report outlining the resource “Have” and “Wants” discovered during the workshop, tailored to each participants expression of interest. This report will summarise which workshop attendees are interested in what specific resources the participant in question offered up for consideration. 

If you are interested in finding our more about our Capacity Building Program and Building Skills for Resource Efficiency, please contact us with your requirements and details.