James Woodcock presenting Industrial Symbiosis in the biosector at The NEPIC Bioresources Conference

Industrial Symbiosis, the Circular Economy in action, seeks to retain resources in use rather than have those resources go to waste.

International Synergies is the world leader in the provision of facilitated industrial symbiosis programmes, having worked in over 20 countries since 2003.

The presentation will cover the highlights from these international programmes, with reference to the biosector, including examples of companies repurposing their business to take advantage of emerging opportunities and finding new ways to manage their underutilised resources.

Finally, new opportunities in the use of ICT will also be presented, where smart data systems are being used to remove the reliance of facilitators to assist in the identification of new solutions.

A key conference objective will be to get organisations and individuals talking to each other, sharing knowledge, tackling complex issues and topics and seeking opportunities for collaboration, business growth and investment.

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