Our Make Waste Work for You Workshop Was a Great Success

We are pleased to announce that our unique “business opportunity” workshop that took place on 12th July 2018 in partnership with Enterprise Europe Network, produced some significant results.

Our aim of these workshops is to bring business representatives from diverse sectors together to share knowledge and expertise.  The workshops also provide a platform for our teams of industrial symbiosis experts to identify business opportunities; where underused or wasted resources from one business can be recovered and reused by at least one other.


We received some wonderful feedback from the participants and 75 resources were discussed and over 60 potential matches were captured during the workshop.

The resources identified included abrasive discs, carpet tiles, block pavers, rubber crumb, food waste, vinyl, office furniture, wooden pallets, plastic wrap, excavated construction material, confidential waste, felt off-cuts, cardboard, paper, computer waste, heat from a biomass facility, water, energy and light consumption, logistics and expertise, plus many more.

Our expertise and facilitated workshops and capacity building training enable businesses to develop smarter ways of bringing resource management solutions and bottom line benefits to companies in the region.

If you are interested in knowing more about our workshops and how we can provide you with 12 hours of FREE consultancy support through our BASIS Project, please call our head office on 0121 433 2660 or email;