Over the last 10 years we’ve initiated and been involved in a number of pioneering projects. Here is a selection of photos, videos, publications and articles that we are proud to have contributed to. Media enquiries should be directed to or call +44 121 433 2660

Our Galleries

Egypt August 2018 – Industrial Waste Management Workshop (3 images)
Our Make Waste Work for You Workshop Was a Great Success – July 2018 (4 images)
Taiwan Advancing Towards Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Principles – July 2018 (2 images)
NISP Canada 2018 (3 images)
Zeeland May 2018 – Workshops Supporting Industrial Symbiosis (2 images)
Hosting a Taiwanese Delegation from Shalun Green Energy Park – March 2018 (5 images)
Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public Private Partnerships – March 2018 (3 images)
European Pre-standard Workshop Agreement with CEN – February 2018 (6 images)
BEBKA Industrial Symbiosis UK study visit, 20th- 23th February 2017 (17 images)
G7 Workshop on Industrial Symbiosis, 29th/30th October 2015 (63 images)
International Synergies 10th Anniversary (80 images)
IWCAIS, Birmingham June 2012 (29 images)
European event to support Industrial Symbiosis (85 images)

Our Videos

G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency Workshop on Industrial Symbiosis

New industrial symbiosis video from our friends at GreenCape

Industrial Symbiosis Documentary - Full

Industrial Symbiosis Workshops

Industrial Symbiosis Documentary - Short

Invest Northern Ireland - Industrial Symbiosis

Circulars Cities / Regions Finalist - The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme

International Working Conference on Applied Industrial Symbiosis IWCAIS 2012

IWCAIS 2012 Four Themes One Question

IWCAIS 2012 Conclusion

What is Industrial Symbiosis? - Hug in the Snug