Programme National De Synergies Inter-Enterprises (PNSI) – France

Programme National De Synergies Inter-Enterprises (PNSI) in France got off to a great start following the official launch in June 2015.

The programme, modelled on the award winning National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) devised by International Synergies, is being led by L’Institut de l’économie circulaire with support from the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, ADEME and industrial association LAEI.

Following the delivery of several successful Business Opportunities Workshops in four regions – Aquitaine, Bretagne, Normandie and Rhone Alpes – delivery teams have been working with companies to progress identified synergies.

Over the last several months, International Synergies has been working with the local delivery teams to provide advanced training on working with member companies and analysing data, review synergies and assist in overcoming any barriers encountered.

Dippe region in Normandie province is a new member of the project and are scheduled to hold their first workshop during March. Beforehand, International Synergies will be training the team on how to conduct a successful NISP style workshop. Previous workshops using this methodology in France have identifies over 600 synergies per workshop