NISP Canada Autumn 2018 – Workshops Supporting Circular Economy Thinking

Light House Sustainable Building Centre are once again facilitating Industrial Symbiosis methodology workshops and creating specialised matching analysis reports, during these one day workshops on 26th September in Devon Canada and 5th October in New Westminster

NISP® workshops aim to help participants to:

– Turn waste into resources
– Save money on waste management and disposal costs
– Generate new business opportunities
– Network with other local businesses
– Improve environmental performance
– Participate in the circular economy

The principle behind Industrial Symbiosis is simple: Instead of being thrown away or destroyed, surplus resources generated by a manufacturing or ‘maker’ process are captured and then redirected for use as a new input for another process by one or more other companies, providing a mutual benefit or symbiosis.

To register your interest, please visit – NISP Canada and if you are interested in applying our award winning Industrial Symbiosis methodology to your business, or would like to receive any further information, please contact us on 0121 433 2660, or email