Materials Management

Materials are at the heart of the economy.  All materials, by-products and wastes have associated financial and environmental costs that are often unknown or underestimated. Materials management is therefore a vital activity to ensure that resources are used and reused effectively, keeping them in productive use for as long as possible.

Combining our industrial symbiosis methods we can look at materials management and identify commercially viable opportunities to trade resources on the basis that waste streams from one business can be used as an input for another. Activities are aimed at identifying the potential to reduce costs and generate revenue whilst supporting a move towards zero waste, and can include a combination of:

  • Process mapping to quantify material¬†flows;
  • Market price benchmarking for materials and waste;
  • Sourcing of alternative raw materials;
  • Identification of solutions and innovation partners;
  • Identification of opportunities to reduce costs and generate revenue;
  • Quantification of carbon savings;
  • Assistance with overcoming technical and regulatory barriers;
  • Managing relationships with potential suppliers, partners and service providers; and
  • Project management support to implement identified opportunities.