Proven Methodology

International Synergies has developed proven industrial symbiosis methodology, tools and systems that can be applied at any scale and in any economy based around the world’s first National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP®).  NISP provides a proven blueprint that can be adapted and replicated anywhere in the world.

A number of examples of industrial symbiosis exist, however our facilitated NISP model is proven to be the most effective for its applicability at scale and for generating rapid results. It has distinguished itself in its ability to effect cross-sector engagement, bringing together producers and users of waste resources with innovators and entrepreneurs, to deliver innovative solutions to business problems and concomitant environmental benefits.

Part of NISP’s innovation is that it applies a systems approach, holistically addressing not just material ‘waste’ but energy, water, logistics, capacity, expertise – indeed any assets that are under-utilised.