Scottish Industrial Symbiosis Programme (SISP)

The Scottish Industrial Symbiosis Programme was launched by the Scottish Executive Minister for Enterprise & Lifelong Learning. In preparation for starting SISP, “A Mapping Study of existing Resource Efficiency and ‘Waste to Product’ type programmes in Scotland” mapped existing activities. These activities related to industrial symbiosis within the region. Programmes, products and people with whom to work in the future were identified, which helped to determine the nature of the platform on which the SISP programme was built.

The initial focus of the activity was to focus on recruiting companies to the programme, through one-to-one meetings and site visits. A great deal of information was collected regarding resource streams and related problems, and the central NISP database, explored ideas for potential new partnerships.

The following table illustrates the outputs achieved, through collaborations:

4 Years of real Results & Value

Outputs Delivered – For total 4-year cost £1.15 M  Total Since April 2007 Equivalent Cost over 6 Metrics
Landfill diversion in Tonnes 312,295 62 pence per tonne
Co2, reduction in Tonnes 194,183 99 pence per tonne
Additional Sales £1.80 M £11 add sales per £
Cost savings to industry £4.19 M £21 cost saved per £
Private Investment £7.22 M £38 invested per £
Jobs Created    38 £5,044 per jobs created


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