SHAREBOX – Secure Sharing

Partners: International Synergies Ltd., Universiteit Twente, University of Leeds, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Ceramic Industry Research Association, IRIS, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, DECHEMA – Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V, Chemie-Cluster Bayern, KEROS CERÁMICA S.L, KERAFRIT, S.A, Ibérica de Suspensiones S.L, GUZMAN GLOBAL S.L, Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, NEPIC and University Strathclyde Glasgow.


Industrial symbiosis offers major economic opportunities for the European Process Industry, both in terms of cost savings as well as opportunities to offer greener products and services. Industrial symbiosis occurs when one company or sector uses by-products, including energy, water, logistics and materials, from another. Companies searching for alternative uses or buyers for their waste, or pushing by-products up the value chain, may be discouraged by their lack of knowledge and access to information as most often the opportunity lies outside one’s own sector.

The current ICT market supporting resource reuse is dominated by passive waste exchanges: ebay-style tools listing information about available resources. Most of these marketplaces provide neither expert guidance nor comprehensive examples and data that are required to enable secondary material reuse opportunities; often the data is out of date or lacking the technical specifications needed for process applications. Even companies familiar with reuse may struggle to find alternatives without guidance.

The Horizon 2020-funded SHAREBOX project is designed to develop and bring to market a secure platform for the flexible management of shared process resources with intelligent decision support tools. At the heart of the SHAREBOX platform is International Synergies’ world-leading SYNERGie® software platform. The software offers database, project management, and reporting functionality to capture and store information about available resources and to easily identify commercial opportunities for reuse. It has continually developed over 10 years and is used around the world to support industrial symbiosis. The bespoke software platform and support package helps businesses capture and manage their resources which significantly reduces costs and the environmental impact.


  • Develop a next generation SYNERGie® for the flexible management of shared process resources.
  • Bring to market a secure platform with intelligent decision support tools for the flexible management of shared process resources.
  • Provide plant operations and production managers with the robust and reliable real-time information needed to optimise symbiotic connections (plant, energy, water, residues and recycled materials) with other companies in a symbiotic ecosystem.
  • Enable next generation industrial symbiosis through the “smart” identification and realisation of new cross-sectorial interactions.
  • Optimise existing industrial symbiosis or synergies among multiple companies on a single industrial production site.


Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive of International Synergies explains “SHAREBOX is a major leap forward in systems development. SYNERGie® is already a far superior system to on-line ‘Waste Exchanges’ and ‘marketplaces’ currently available which have been repeatedly proven to fail.  The functional enhancements of SHAREBOX will consolidate our world lead in mapping and aligning critical resource flows (energy, water, materials, logistics, assets, non-product outputs etc.) within plant and production processes for many years to come.”

The project leading to this application has recieved funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680843.