UK Manufacturing Symbiosis Network Plus

The manufacturing industry in the UK is facing growing productivity challenges due to supply and price volatility of raw materials. Manufacturing firms are therefore welcoming the opportunities of circular economy approaches as a means to save costs, prevent disruptions in materials input and generate additional revenue from waste streams.

UKMSN+, a project led by Aston University, aims to establish and promote a research community to address challenges and develop innovative solutions in order to enable the UK shift from a linear to circular economy. The network funds manufacturing symbiosis studies and creates knowledge transfer mechanisms across the community – academics, industry and policy makers.

Our Chief Executive, Peter Laybourn, is the Chair of the UKMSN+ Advisory Board, and International Synergies played a key role in launching the research network.

The UKMSN+ team consists of experts from a number of different locations:

The project also has several partners, of which International Synergies is proud to be one:

Are you interested in joining the network? You can find out more here, or find them on social media @UKMSNPlus