Software plays an important role in supporting the effective execution of industrial symbiosis activities; providing a platform to monitor the availability and frequency of resource streams and identify opportunities for industrial symbiosis ‘synergies’ or transactions.

SYNERGie®: International Synergies has continually developed its proprietary software system with input from industrial symbiosis practitioners world-wide which offers database, project management, and reporting functionality to capture and store information about your resources and to easily identify commercial opportunities for reuse. Currently being used in nine countries around the world, SYNERGie allows you to characterise, search, and match your company’s resources within a site and across multiple sites.

SHAREBOX: International Synergies is a key partner in a three year project to enhance its world leading SYNERGie  ® software platform.  The project, led by IRIS, will introduce phenomenal additional functionality to SYNERGie® that will enable the flexible management of process resources including plant, energy, water, residues and recycled materials.  SHAREBOX will  be used, inter alia, by plant operators and production managers to effectively monitor and trade process resource streams in real-time within their own supply chains or with other companies in a symbiotic industrial system.

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