As the world’s leading expert in Industrial Symbiosis International Synergies if often invited to write and contribute to global articles on topics such as the Circular Economy, Green Growth and Resource Scarcity.

Here is a selection of recently published articles and interviews:

Circular Synergies, published 2018 ‘Challenges for Portugal’

Canadian Corporate Knights, published September 2017 ‘Nature’s Lesson’s for Industry’

CIWM Resources Management,
published September 2015, CONNECT and CREATE celebrating 10 years of NISP and Industrial Symbiosis

The Environmentalist, published September 2015 entitled ‘Mutual Benefit of Industrial Symbiosis’

SADC Industrial Symbiosis Knowledge Sharing Week,
published January 2015, Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme

Connecting Industry to Create Opportunities in Europe,
published November 2014, Pan European Network Government Magazine

It’s a Win Win with International Synergies Northern Ireland,
published November 2014, Sustainable Ireland Magazine

Circular Economy: Design and Production,
published 5th March 2014, The Times

Industrial Symbiosis: New Driver of Green Growth,
published February 2014, Globe-Net

Industrial Symbiosis: Realising the Circular Economy,
published January 2014, Eurpoean Commission

The Symbiotic Network
published September 2013, The Environmentalist

Industrial Resources: Unlocking Their Value,
published December 2013,

Industrial Symbiosis: or Freecycle for Business,
published November 2013,

Industrial Symbiosis: A Thing Worth Backing,
published June 2012 in Green Futures (Forum for the Future)

What a Waste: Turning Waste to Energy through Industrial Symbiosis,
published June 2011 in European Voice

Resources: Alliances that Lead to Creative Industrial Symbiosis,
published November 2010 in FT