Policy & Advocacy

International Synergies has been instrumental in bringing industrial symbiosis into mainstream policy and industry practice:

In February 2018 a European Pre-standard workshop agreement took place with CEN on Industrial Symbiosis.

As industrial symbiosis finds its way into the policies, reports and recommendations of the European Commission across multiple DGs and various member states at the national, regional and local scale, the variety of terminologies and methodologies used in these documents can be confusing and sometimes misleading. Such confusion dilutes the power of the approach to deliver greater resource efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction and economic benefits.

The ambition of this CEN Workshop (and the consensus Agreement document it will produce) is to support the effective adoption of industrial symbiosis by the public and private sector, and to advance toward mainstream use.

The launch and consultation event on 21 February 2018 was an opportunity to gather feedback from companies, public sector bodies, practitioners and others with experience of industrial symbiosis; those wishing to contribute to, and benefit from, shaping a European pre-standard.

The following experts set the scene and provided context on the day-

The event was opened by Dr Bogdan Topič, President of the Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST), and represents SIST in the framework of CEN, CENELEC. SIST is providing the Secretariat services for this CWA. Dr. Topič emphasized the role of the CWA in increasing visibility of industrial symbiosis, and providing a clear roadmap to reach a broad audience through the process of standardisation.

Mrs. Angels Orduña, Executive Director of A. SPIRE, followed with a presentation about the role of industrial symbiosis in the SPIRE 2030 roadmap. Two of the supporting projects (SHAREBOX and EPOS) are SPIRE projects, emphasizing the importance of the SPIRE industry sectors (cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, non-ferrous metals, minerals, steel and water) to delivering a more sustainable economy for Europe.

Dr. Janez Potočnik is co-chair of the International Resource Panel and former European Commissioner for the Environment, with extensive experience in the realm of environment, economics and European affairs. His discussion around industrial symbiosis and circular economy made explicit their support for delivering the critical Sustainable Development Goal 12, Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Mr. Luc Van den Berghe of CEN-CENELEC introduced the CWA process to participants. CEN-CENELEC is an organisation that provide standards for Europe and are part of the knowledge economy that underpins European industry and society. They facilitate innovation and promote the adoption of new technologies.

Dr. Rachel Lombardi, Director of Business Development at International Synergies Limited, chaired the CWA event and was representing the H2020 Sharebox project read more . Her presentation reviewed the motivation for the CWA while emphasizing the alignment of the approach with global agendas including resource efficiency, green growth, eco-innovation, circular economy and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Professor Dr Greet van Eetvelde of INEOS and U. Ghent, and vice-chair for the CWA, introduced the H2020 SPIRE EPOS project details here . The presentation introduced an EPOS Project Roadmap, examining the supportive adoption of industrial symbiosis in the areas of raising awareness, applicable tools and case studies, replicability abilities, outreach and impact possibilities.

Ms. Marjana Dermelj of the Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion, presented the INTERREG SYMBI review details project (Industrial Symbiosis for a Resource Efficiency Economy, ), supporting the application of industrial symbiosis, innovation and expertise with partners in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

Dr Adrian Murphy of Industrial Symbiosis Limited, introduced the INTERREG TRIS project (Transition Regions toward Industrial Symbiosis, read more, transitioning towards industrial symbiosis and talked about the involvement of regional partners and the activities they are undertaking. Industrial Symbiosis Limited is the sister company to International Synergies Limited.  TRIS partners represent Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

To register for the CWA, please fill in this application and send to the Secretariat at cwa@sist.si.

Further examples include:-

  • Industrial Symbiosis is incorporated into Birmingham’s ‘Big City Plan’ as a key tool to support sustainable regional economic development strategies (2011);
  • Industrial Symbiosis highlighted as key policy tool and ‘Innovative approach to achieving resource efficiency’ in the European Commission’s ‘Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe’ (September 2011)
  • Industrial Symbiosis cited as ‘systemic innovation vital for future green growth’ by OECD (2011)
  • Industrial symbiosis was selected as one of seven ‘top priority areas’ by the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP), a high-level stakeholder group with a mandate to deliver concrete policy recommendations for implementation across Europe (December 2012)
  • Hosted the inaugural International Working Conference on Applied Industrial Symbiosis (IWCAIS 2012) convening 100 leading representatives from global government, industry and academia. (June 2012)