BASIS Resource Efficiency Project

We support you business to reduce its costs through finding lower cost homes for waste materials, reducing your energy usage and bills and finding suitable grants and tax relief opportunities.

How does it work?

We will have a brief introductory conversation to understand your business and how our support can benefit you. Once this is done we can start to save you money by taking away agreed actions such as actively reducing waste volumes, finding cheaper energy tariffs or helping you apply for grants and tax incentives to name but a few.

BASIS is a business initiative that also makes environmental sense. Waste costs money and our wide ranging support can help you save money and bring in new revenue streams today.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce waste disposal costs through increased reuse and recycling
  • Reduce costs by improving energy efficiency and identifying lower tariffs
  • Identify grants, funding and tax rebate opportunities 
  • Ensure your waste management activities comply with legal requirements
  • Generate new business leads through introductions within our extensive regional network
  • Create or review an environmental policy to help attract new customers and employees 

How can we help you?

We provide 12 hours of FREE consultancy services through our BASIS Resource Efficiency Project.

There are no charges to your company, as the project is fully supported by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBS LEP). An initial consultation will take place to identify new opportunities to provide support to your business. This will include an assessment of your energy usage, waste production and associated costs. We also obtain an overview of your company in order to identify suitable grants and tax relief opportunities. Our aim is to use this information to ensure you achieve the best possible cost saving through our free consultancy support.

Examples of resources

Packaging waste
Pallets, cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, drums and IBCs

Process waste
Sludge, metals, chemicals, oil, food waste, filter cakes, process off-cuts and spillages

Energy and water waste
Electricity and gas consumption, use of renewable technologies, condensate, steam, water to drain and water to river

Redundant equipment
Electrical and process equipment, warehouse space and empty vehicle movements, old PCs and office furniture

Consultancy, knowledge, skills and training

Our FREE Resource Efficiency Workshops

Our unique “resource matching” network events, aim to enable businesses to identify and generate new opportunities between delegates through the matching of one company’s waste to the required process input of another. Through BASIS, companies can achieve substantial cost savings and generate sales from new markets.

If you’d like to run a joint workshop session as part of your own event then please contact the BASIS team below.

Call: 0121 433 2660


Are you eligible?

Your business must meet the definition of a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and be located within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area, including the surrounding areas of Lichfield, Tamworth Burton on Trent, Uttoxeter, Cannock, Bromsgrove, Redditch and Wyre Forest.

Is my business an SME?

  • Employ fewer than 250 full time equivalent persons
  • Have an annual turnover not exceeding £50 million or have an annual balance sheet total not exceeding £43 million


Is it free?

Yes , it is delivered by International Synergies using European funding (ERDF) and administered and led by Birmingham City Council

How do you get paid to deliver this support to me?

We get paid through the funding to deliver the project to you for free

Is there a deadline to sign up to this now UK is out of the EU?

The funds are secure with us until the end of March 2023.

Does my organisation qualify for free support?

If you have less than 250 employees, have a turnover of less than £45 Million and have an office or site based in Birmingham, Solihull, Tamworth, Lichfield, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Cannock or Wyre Forest areas then the chances are you qualify.

How much of my time do you need from me?

We need to do an initial fact find with you to see how we can help you. Each company will be different depending on the requirements but we try to do as much of the work on your behalf without needing your direct involvement.

How long will the process take?

It can be as quick as a week, or as long as a year. Each company will be different depending on their particular needs.

Is it for any sector?


What if I am a charity or a (CIC) community interest company?

You will still qualify under BASIS. We already work with lots of social enterprises, charities and community groups in and around Birmingham & Solihull.

Can a startup company sign up with you?

In most cases yes.

What happens if it goes over 12 hours?

When we complete our 12 hours, we will keep you on our database for any future support you may require and can discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

Why do I need to sign your form?

In all government funded projects, evidence is required for auditing purposes. This is to ensure we can provide paperwork with signatures to prove we have engaged with local businesses to deliver our BASIS contracted targets.

What if I can’t or don’t wish to sign the form?

We would then ask for a confirmation email from you as our evidence.

Is your project still providing support during the COVID19 pandemic?

We have changed the way our support is delivered using video conferencing and remote working. This means we can still deliver BASIS support direct to you without the need to see you face to face or visit your premises.

Can we publicise any positive outcomes from the work we do with you?

We are always happy to write case studies and press releases to help promote your company and any new initiatives that have been undertaken to reduce your business’ environmental impacts.