For Research

Working with organisations from around the world, from different industry sectors to uncover the challenges they face in finding sustainable resource solutions invariably results in a demand pull on the innovation and research community.

Our technical experts are frequently invited to input into cutting edge research projects to find novel and innovative new uses for previously underused resource streams. We have also successfully completed a number of research projects looking at the flows of resource streams in order to optimise usage in the short, medium and long term, whether it be for economic development opportunities, feedstock analysis or identifying alternative raw materials.

International Synergies is also a key contributor to a number of research projects e.g. European FP7 POLFREE ‘Barriers to Resource Efficiency’.

The company has worked with leading universities around the world including Cranfield University, University of Birmingham, Concordia, University College London, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, TU Delft, Wuppertal and Yale.

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