SYNERGie® 4.0

SYNERGie®4.0, a bespoke ICT resource management database and platform, enabling organisations globally to reduce cost, risk and environmental footprint through efficiently identifying resource reuse opportunities.

SYNERGie® has enabled industry to deliver:

  • £1 billion+ savings in disposal, storage and purchasing costs
  • £1 billion+ in additional sales
  • 47 million+ tonnes diverted from landfill
  • 42 million+ tonnes of CO2 reduction
  • 72 million+ tonnes of water savings
  • 10 thousand+ jobs

SYNERGie®4.0 features:

Integrated mapping of resources to prioritise local sourcing and reuse opportunities

Advisor guides characterisation of resources for reuse and recommends opportunities based on machine learning (AI)

Internal and supply chain KPI reporting aligned with stakeholder requirements

External data set upload for system pre-population

Secure multi-device app for your desktop, iPad or Android tablet

Developed over 15 years across 24,000 sites and 67,500+ resources

Closing loops for:


committed to internal and supply chain resource efficiency contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals

Industry networks

looking to minimise impacts of material scarcity, security and price volatility


(local, regional and national) driving economic development through the circular economy

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